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Formative Agency is dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline and simplify the lives of artists, enabling them to channel their energy and focus entirely on delivering exceptional performances. Our wide spectrum of offerings encompass capturing the pinnacle moments of their live performances to documenting the electric reactions of fans going nuts when they road testing their brand new tune. Additionally, we specialize in enhancing the show experience through our lighting and visuals specialist, as well as crafting a prominent presence for artists in one of the world's largest markets, China.

Founded by Byden Lian, a distinguished figure in the nightlife industry, formerly resident DJ/Booker at the iconic Zouk Jiak Kim and presently the talent buyer at Tao Group/Marquee Singapore, boasting a wealth of over two decades of experience and a sterling reputation. Our team is further fortified by seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge of the Asian music landscape. Our robust network comprises strong affiliations with local agencies, promoters, and a variety of service providers, assuring the seamless and efficient execution of your shows. We are enthused and committed to ensuring the success of your tour, offering unwavering support every step of the way to cater to your specific requirements.

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